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Concept and Use

TAM BRAZIL AIRPASS  was created for foreign and Brazilian citizens residing abroad who wish to travel within Brazil¹ on flights operated by TAM (JJ) at an attractive rate.

To purchase the TAM BRAZIL AIRPASS, the passenger should:

  • Purchase an international roundtrip ticket beginning outside of Brazil, with destination to any city in Brazil
  • Request the TAM BRAZIL AIRPASS, which is issued in conjunction with the international ticket
  • The number of options of different destinations or stopovers allow up to 9 (nine) cities in economy class. However, there must be a coupon for each portion of the trip – please refer to “Stopovers and Connections.” ¹The city of Ciudad del Este (AGT – Paraguay) is considered part of the TAM Brazil Airpass on flights JJ* or PZ, once it is part of the Iguassu Falls territory.


Number 03 – Effective on December 13, 2010


TAM BRAZIL AIRPASS fares are fares are calculated based on the number of destinations within Brazil and should not exceed the maximum of 9 (nine) destinations/stopovers.

1. 1. For international travel on flights operated by JJ or PZ. Ticketing: JJ(957) and PZ(692) ticket stock:


Number of Destinations/Stops*


(Fare Basis  WBRPAST)


(Fare Basis  LBRPAST)


(Fare Basis  VBRPAST)


(Fare Basis  QBRPAST)

1 - 4

USD 532.00

USD 639.00

USD 734.00

USD 845.00


USD 672.00

USD 807.00

USD 928.00

USD 1,067.00


USD 792.00

USD 951.00

USD 1,093.00

USD 1,257.00


USD 912.00

USD 1,095.00

USD 1,259.00

USD 1,448.00


USD 1,032.00

USD 1,239.00

USD 1,425.00

USD 1,638.00


USD 1,152.00

USD 1,384.00

USD 1,590.00

USD 1,829.00


2. For international travel on any other carrier with which TAM has a MITA Agreement (Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement) or on JJ* flights (operated by other carriers). Ticketing: JJ (957), PZ (692) or other airlines ticket stock:

Number of Destinations/Stops*


(Fare Basis  WBR2PAST)


(Fare Basis  LBR2PAST)


(Fare Basis  VBR2PAST)


(Fare Basis  QBR2PAST)

1 - 4

USD 582.00

USD 689.00

USD 784.00

USD 895.00


USD 772.00

USD 907.00

USD 1,028.00

USD 1,167.00


USD 942.00

USD 1,101.00

USD 1,243.00

USD 1,407.00


USD 1,112.00

USD 1,295.00

USD 1,459.00

USD 1,648.00


USD 1,282.00

USD 1,489.00

USD 1,675.00

USD 1,888.00


USD 1,452.00

USD 1,684.00

USD 1,890.00

USD 2,129.00


Note: Flights within Brazil must be operated by JJ, PZ and JJ* (flights operated by TAM MERCOSUR). (*please refer to “Stopovers and Connection”)



  • Ticketing: on/after December 13, 2010
  • Travel: on/after December 13, 2010

Note: Subject to changes without notice.

Minimum/Maximum Stay

  • Minimum: Not applicable.
  • Maximum: 90 days from the first departure date.


  • INF: 10% of adult fare.
  • CHD: Not applicable. Children pay adult fare.

Stopovers and Connections

  • A “Stopover” occurs when the passenger remains at an intermediate point or airport over 4 hours. Each stopover is considered a destination point as shown in the Fare Chart.
  • A “Connection” occurs when a passenger departs the intermediate point or airport within the 4 hour time-frame.
  • A maximum of two connections is permitted per flight coupon, which limits the maximum of 3 coupons to connect the stopovers in the complete itinerary.
  • Surface is not counted as a coupon.


  • OW/RT/CT/OJ trips are permitted.
  • The trip can only be made on flights operated by TAM (JJ) and TAM AIRLINES (PZ/JJ*) - whenever Ciudad del Este is included).
  • The same segment may not be flown more than once in the same direction, except for connections.
  • The same city may not be used as an origin and/or destination more than once, except for connections.


  • All segments of the trip must be confirmed before departure in a separate reservation from the one which contains the international reservation.
  • The first letter of the fare basis indicates the reservation booking class:
    • Booking Class - "W" - fare basis WBRPAST or WBR2PAST
    • Booking Class - "L" - fare basis LBRPAST or LBR2PAST
    • Booking Class - "V" - fare basis VBRPAST or VBR2PAST
    • Booking Class - "Q" - fare basis QBRPAST or QBR2PAST
  • In the case booking classes above are not available, the following classes will be permitted with a charge, as described below:
    • Booking Class - "W" - fare basis WBRPAST or WBR2PAST
    • Booking Class “W” may be booked in Booking Class “L” or Booking Class “L” may be booked en Booking Class V – USD 80.00 per coupon
  • “TAM BAP” must be informed in the reservation as an OSI.


  • Valid for sales and ticketing only outside of Brazil (purchase and ticketing).
  • Only one Airpass may be purchased per passenger in conjunction with the international ticket (including AD/ID and award tickets).
  • The Airpass ticket must be issued separately and must include a cross-reference of the international ticket sold in conjunction with the Airpass.
  • Applicable taxes (airport tax, security and additional taxes) must be charged when issuing the Airpass.
  • Tickets are non-endorsable/nontransferable.
  • PTA is not permitted.
  • TAM BAP / NON END must be shown in the endorsement/restriction box.
  • Fare constructions and combinations are not permitted

Note: The ticketing time-limit and the time-limit automatically generated by the reservation system may be different. The most restrictive date prevails.


  • Rebooking permitted:
    • Changes made more than 24 hours before original flight – no penalty
    • Changes made within 24 hours or after original flight – USD 30.00 penalty
  • Rerouting: Not permitted.


  • Before departure:  Refundable. Penalty: USD 100.00.
  • After departure or partially used: Non-refundable.

Baggage Allowance

  • Baggage allowance for domestic segments covered by TAM BRAZIL AIRPASS will be the same as permitted on international segments. 
  • In the event of excess baggage, 0.5% of the ‘Y” applicable fare for the segment in question will be charged per extra kilo. Check GDS on Excess Baggage Allowance rules.. 

 TAM Fidelidade – Frequent Flyer Program

  •  Segments flown with the Airpass will accumulate 20% of the full points value under the TAM Fidelidade Frequent Flyer Program.