Multiplus Points in the TAM Fidelidade program

Using the TAM Fidelidade program you earn Multiplus points, which means smaller bills and more travel. And more: the more you fly, the more benefits you get when upgraded to the next category.

Rebooking Fee*

A rebooking fee is charged whenever you change the date or flight on your ticket reservation, whether this change is made before or after take-off. The rebooking fee varies depending on your ticketing rules, and a fare difference may also apply.


Benefit valid exclusively on the same day and within 3 hours of the original flight time. Alteration of legs and/or origin and destination airports is not permitted. Subject to availability of seats


When a customer is no longer going to travel, we refund the amount paid for the ticket, less a refund fee.

Discounts for Children

Discounts are available for children aged 2 to 11, traveling on BÁSICO, FLEX, TOP and RELAX fares.

Priority Services (Check-in, Luggage, Boarding)

TOP and RELAX customers have the advantage of: Priority check-in at TAM Airlines ticket counters; Priority boarding on TAM Airlines JJ flights, in the A boarding group for domestic flights. Priority delivery of checked luggage.

Free Baggage Allowance*

The Free Baggage Allowance is the maximum weight for your checked baggage and varies depending on the fare category purchased. But rest assured that if you must check heavier bags, you will be able to purchase additional pounds (kilos) ahead of time. In this way you take advantage of exclusive benefits and travel in greater comfort!